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Productivity Coach

"Are you struggling to finish projects, manage your day, or stick to your goals?"

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After 25 years of fine dining and luxury hotel management, I decided to start Extra Hands Virtual Assistants.

A way to help founders and owners get more done. Not every founder is ready for a V.A., or needs one, when we first meet. For many business owners, the lack of systems, organization, and productivity skills is the difference between standing still and seeing growth. My Productivity Coaching Program can help you focus on the big picture while applying do-it-yourself applications, coupled with accountability support.

"A good coaching program should last at least three months, but six to nine months is often better for sustainable results."

Why Coaching?

The benefits of hiring a productivity coach:

How do you know if you're ready for a coach?

Notice that your days are unproductive and that you feel you are not getting as much done as you want Have a goal or a reason to care about your productivity (you feel that being more productive would help you live a happier life and achieve your goals) Have a big important project you want to perform well on? Better time management would get you there!

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